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On January 16th we began collecting new Teddy Bears to be given to children receiving ongoing medical treatment at the Osborn Clinic of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

We'd like you to invite our friends and neighbors in the area to join us as well in sending our love, prayers and support to these medically fragile and financially needy children and their families. Each bear brings with it something tangible to hold onto during difficult procedures or treatments as well as making sure that the families know that they are being thought of and prayed for by others who also care about their children and how the families are coping with their medical struggles. The bears are also a visible reminder to staff members that the work they do is remembered and appreciated!

If you would like to donate a bear (and all bears must be new, please, due to the children's varying medical conditions), there are several options for drop off. Bears can be bagged and marked "TBS" (Teddy Bear Sunday) and put in the Thrift Shop bin for 'contactless' donation. Our thrift shop staff members will bring them into the church for the collection. Or bring them with you on Sunday mornings to join the other bears waiting to meet their special child! If you need to make alternate arrangements, please call Rev. Shellie at 856-889-2848 and she will help you get your donation here!

If you're not able to donate a Teddy Bear, please keep the families we seek to care for in your prayers. Any illness in a family is difficult, but even more so when that family member is a child. We are so grateful for every prayer and remembrance on their behalf!


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