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UPDATE 2/6/2021: So far, we have 67 bears "denning" in my office with 2 more weeks before the end of the missions project! Remember that bears will go on sale after Valentine's Day!! Each bear we collect represents our love and prayers for a chronically ill child at the Osborn Clinic!

Although Teddy Bear Sunday will not have the decorations, luncheon or other fanfare that is so much fun to do and attend due to current circumstances, Deb at Osborn Center called to tell me that they would still love to receive any new cuddly bears we might be able to collect.

From now until 2-21-21 we will be accepting new Teddy bears that will go to children undergoing treatments at the Our Lady of Lourdes Osborn Clinic. You may drop bears that have been sealed in a plastic bag for safety in the donation bin (the one on the left) which is used for thrift shop donations when the shop is open. Please clearly mark the bag with TBS for Teddy Bear Sunday. Please call Shellie if you need to make other arrangements!

Life may not be quite back to "pre-COVID" normal yet, but there are always ways to be creative in our ability to touch others with the Love of Jesus Christ!!


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