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Join us for a virtual “Advocacy In Action” Tuesday, October 27th

@ 7:00pm

Virtual attendees will learn how to take actions asking their elected officials for their support for robust funding for the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please RSVP at

if you’d like to take part!

Viruses don’t pay attention to borders or geographies, so neither can we. As people of faith, we need to keep standing together, supporting each other, and acting on the simple premise that this pandemic is bigger than all of us and we’ll defeat it if we act as one.

We’re going to stand with our communities, in every neighborhood, town, city, and country where we live. That includes standing with Africa and the people and countries that are most vulnerable to the threats posed by the pandemic. This is about principle, and solidarity, and what’s right.

But it’s also about what’s smart: we can’t defeat a global pandemic anywhere unless we win everywhere. We’re going to organize, mobilize, activate, and advocate around three key lines of effort:

● The emergency response: We need to mobilize the resources for a humanitarian response in Africa on a scale not seen in decades. And we need to make sure medicines and eventually new vaccines are distributed equitably. All game-changing innovations need to be deployed transparently and fairly in order to defeat a global pandemic driven by a virus that doesn’t discriminate. ● Sustaining economies: We’ve already seen the economic impact of the pandemic in the U.S. and Europe. The impact could be even greater in Africa, where capital is urgently needed now to tackle the immediate consequences. But much, much more will be needed, including debt relief, special facilities, and support for anchor and small businesses. ● Global health security: In order to defeat global pandemics like COVID-19, we need to build the capacity of all countries to prevent, detect, and respond to global health threats. This will take global resources, but response preparations cost far less than managing global pandemics after they happen.

Additionally, a safe, effective vaccine will be key to ending the pandemic and reopening the global economy, but only if the most vulnerable, everywhere, has access to it. The US must help ensure that the most vulnerable people - from frontline workers to the immunocompromised - have priority access to the vaccine regardless of whether they live in New York City or Nairobi.

We are ONE World and it’s time to fight for humanity and against the virus. This is a global pandemic that demands a global response. We stand with the most vulnerable, whether they live across the street or across the ocean.

Please RSVP at

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