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Don't rush to check your calendar – it really is only September! But with COVID still active, Angel Tree (our missional outreach to the children receiving medical care at the Osborn Clinic of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden) will need to work a bit differently this year. The tree is up in the Sanctuary, and if you plan to return for in-person worship on Oct. 4th, the process is the same. Pastor Shellie will be at the tree to help you with any questions! If you plan to continue with virtual worship and would like to provide a toy for a child in medical and financial need, please call the church at 856-547-3300 and we will help you get an angel to wrap God's love around in the form of a new unused gift-wrapped toy on Christmas morning! ALL gifts must be at the church no later than 2pm on Sun. Nov. 29. In-person worshippers can bring their gifts Nov. 1st when they come for church, and others can do a contact-free drop off at the doors with the ramp from noon to 2pm on Sun. Nov. 1st or Nov. 29th. We are here to assist in any way possible to help reach out to families struggling to care for their medically fragile children at Christmas. So, if you need to make specific arrangements or you have any questions at all, please call! It's been a long and difficult 2020 for many. Let's brighten the holidays with a gift (maximum value of $20, please), God's Love and our prayers for children whose year has been a particularly hard struggle.

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